The HiCure project will develop, Health Informatics, as integrated pathways within the undergraduate degrees of both the information technology and health-oriented programmes. The development of health informatics skills integrated within the existing degrees will ensure to produce students with well qualified skills strongly based on solid grounding within their educational background, as well as meeting their intended educational learning outcomes. Students, who choose not to take specifically the developed pathways will still study commonly grounded health informatics skills achieved through a set of common courses. These skills will be essential to solidify the deeper understanding of the value and importance of health informatics not only to their specialty, but also to their work and practice. Students will eventually promote the uptake and implementation of health information systems to become essential part of their profession as mechanisms to improve the quality of healthcare by both the health qualified or computing qualified graduates, to advance the health domain towards evidence-based practice.

This course provides a state-of-the-science overview of computer-based Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and CDS Systems (CDSS). Topics include: Types of Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS), Impact of CDSS in Efficiency and Effectiveness of Healthcare Services, Areas of intervention Approaches to decision analysis in health care, Managing uncertainty, probabilistic modeling of decision problems, and predicting future outcomes, Architectures of CDSS, Clinical Data Quality and Data Normalization, Data Analysis and Data Visualization Techniques, The Electronic Health Records as the Foundation of CDSS, Design of Clinical Guidelines.