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  • First name: Hazem
  • Last name: Bader
  • Display name: Dr. Hazem Eid Bader
  • Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied
  • Official website address:
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  • Postal address: PO. Box 40 Hebron University, Hebron, West Ban
  • Town: hebron
  • Home phone: 972-2217263
  • Business phone: 02-2220995 Ext:208
  • Mobile phone: 0599-366-672
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Plan of Professional Development (Details)

خطة التنمية المهنية

Dr. Hazem's plan for the coming years includes:

A.  Offering more challenging courses at the English Department, Hebron University in the field of TESOL/Applied Linguistics.

B.  Attending academic venues to share knowledge and learn from experts.

C.  Writing a new book in the area of contrastive linguistics mainly in semantics.

D.  Writing thought and political articles in Arabic.

Community Service (Details)

خدمة المجتمع

Dr. Hazem highly believes in serving his society. He strives to do so via his professional work at the English department where he works to extend utmost help to revive the community academically as part of his work in this sterling institution. Also, his writings in Arabic are meant to add to the intellectual development and awareness of  his society.

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Resume of Dr. HAZEM E. BADER السيرة الذاتية للدكتور حازم بدر

Cover letter

Dr. Hazem Bader is an assistant professor in TESOL/Curriculum Development at the English Department - Hebron University. He joined the department in 1992 following his completion of his M.A.TESOL from the U.S.A. In 2002, he completed his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Ain Shams University, Egypt.


Language Learning and Teaching; EFL Methodology;  Second Language Acquisition; English for Specific Purposes; Curriculum Development; Semantics


Personal information

Gender Male


Employment history

Position Attachments
Assistant Professor, EFL Methodology and Curriculum, The English Department, Hebron University, Hebron, Palestine, 2002-present. Full-time. Design and teach undergraduate courses at the English Department including EFL Teaching Methods, Curriculum Development, English for Specific Purposes, Research Methods, Testing and Evaluation, Teaching Practicum (TEFL II), Oral/Aural English, English Grammar, Writing, Reading.
English Language Instructor, The English Department, Hebron University, Hebron, Palestine, 1992-2002. Full-time. Developed and taught courses for undergraduate students at the English Department including: Reading, Writing, Oral/Aural English, Grammar, Methods of Teaching, Testing and Evaluation, Research Writing, Teaching Practicum, Business English, English for Science & Technology, Medical English.

Education history

Qualification Attachments
Ph.D., Education/Curriculum and Instruction, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, 2002.Title of Thesis: "Investigating the English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Reading Skills in the School of Finance and Management at Hebron University
M.A.TESOL, Saint Michael's College, Vermont, USA, 1991
B.A., English Language & Literature, Hebron University, Hebron, Palestine, 1990.

Books and publications

Title Attachments
The Insider: A Comprehensive Guide For EFL Teachers In Reading, Vocabulary & Study Skills
A Dictionary of English Language Learning and Teaching: a dictionary and a resource book


نماذج من أعمال دكتور حازم عيد بدر


Dr. Hazem has written a number of unpublished papers in language in addition to issuing two books. The first is titled"The Insider: A Comprehensive Guide For EFL Teachers In Reading, Vocabulary & Study Skills". The Insider is designed for practicing teachers as well as those on pre-service courses.  It offers quite an array of ideas, strategies and tasks in reading training, vocabulary, and study skills necessary for academic achievement. The second book is titled "A Dictionary of English Language Learning and Teaching: a dictionary and a resource book" A cross-referenced dictionary featuring 3568 entries of useful and commonly used terms in the field of language learning and teaching.

Note: Dr. Hazem has not published the two books (on a large scale) yet due to financial reasons and is searching for funding as well as a publisher.

 Please see attachments (Downloads) for segments of his two books including:

1. The introduction and the table of contents of the INSIDER as well as Part III of the book: Study Skills and Learner Development.

2. The introduction of the Dictionary and all the entries under letter A.


Now and then Dr. Hazem writes - in Arabic-  articles in politics and thought on local and regional internet sites and magazines. For reference to his writings please google him using his full name in Arabic "دكتور حازم عيد بدر"