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An Web-Based ePortfolio is a collection of electronic media which describe, reflect, and demonstrate what individuals know and can do. It is simply a digital archive of the pieces of work of a student or a faculty member.


Features of an ePortfolio

• Storage 
• Information Management 
• Connections 
• Communication

Benefits of ePortfolio to Universities

» respond to calls for greater accountability and outcomes-based accreditation 
» transportability of credits 
» increase transparency for evaluation and benchmarking 
» Increase partnership working by universities in their localities and regions 
» Help enhancing student achievement through improved curricula and instructional practices. 
» Tool to quality-assure university teaching...........


Faculty of AL-Shari'a 

Prof - Hussein Tartori Dr. Mutaz M. Qafisheh, Professor of Law


الدكتور أيمن عبد الحميد عبد المجيد البدارين

الدكتور محمد هاني اسعيد

Faculty of Arts 

Professor Ahmad Atawneh

Dr. Hazem Eid Bader 

Faculty of Education 

د. جمال أبو مرق  د.نضال غوادره دكتور المناهج وطرق التدريس
أريج صلاح  
أ. أريج صلاح  

Faculty of Science & Technology 


 Dr. Awni A. Khatib

Dr. Nabil Hasasneh
DR. Bassam Ahmad Manasrah  Dr. Kaleel Thabayneh
 محمد مرعب
Dr. Mohand Al-jabari Mr. Mohammad Moreb


Dr. Muneer Natsheh

Dr. Ahmed Ayyad


  Dr. Mahmoud Khalil Deheidel



Dr.Hatem Maraqah

 Dr. Fahed Takrori's


Dr. khaldoun nijem

 Dr. Shefa Al-Amleh



Dr. Mohannad Mohammad Jazzar

 Jamil Rabba'



Suhail Al_khatib

 Tariq Tamimi

 Hussain Mo. Abu-khrabeh

 Mohammad Abed-Rabboh
 Mahmoud Shalalfeh  Dr. Ali Altawaiha



 Dr.Mai Al-Maghtheh

 Mrs.Reem Altaraweh

Mrs.Suzan Bader

 Heba Al-Qawasmi



 Mrs.Zohor Abu Qweder


Faculty of Agriculture 


Dr. Abdul-Jalil Salem Hamdan

Dr. Ayed Salama
Mr. Raed Dayeh  Dr. hazem albakir
Dr. Rezq Basheer-Salimia's
 Mohammad Al-Masri